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What Is an Online Divorce and How to File for It

When divorce moves from a conversation to an agreement, the next question becomes how. Are you going to court or getting an online divorce? It can be hard to know where to go, but the internet is here to help. Here is everything you need to know about the option of filing for divorce online. 

What Is an Online Divorce?

Online divorces are for couples that agree that the marriage is not working and have agreed to separate. This means the splitting up of assets like custody, payment, and property has already been decided. If you and your spouse are unable to agree on all the terms of the divorce, you are ineligible and must seek a contested divorce instead.

How to Get an Online Divorce

Getting Paperwork: A court website allows you to prepare divorce forms on your computer, but you must do it yourself. It is important to make sure each person has copies of everything and has signed.

Equal Parts: Make sure your divorce is uncontested and that you and your spouse have agreed to the terms of your online divorce. Settle custody, child support, visitation, spousal support, division of assets, and division of debt.

Include Everything: In your divorce documents, provide all the specifics of your divorce. Include information about the reasons for the divorce, such as whether it was a no-fault divorce. Also be sure to specify 

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Social security numbers
  • Date and place of your marriage
  • Names and birthdates of your children
  • Any property you are separating

Fill Out Everything: You can find the forms you need on your court’s website. Be aware that there are different forms required for different states. Make sure you prepare all the forms you need for an uncontested divorce in your county.

File Your Paperwork: Check your state court’s website or ask your county clerk about filing for divorce online. Pay any fees required by your county and state. You will also have to pay for document preparation. File the papers online, or take them to your county clerk at the courthouse.

Serve the Papers: Have your spouse served with the divorce papers if required. You usually cannot serve the papers yourself. If you are not sure how to serve papers, use a process server.

Prepare a Statement: Prepare a divorce agreement that you and your spouse can live with. For this phase of the online divorce, you might want to hire an attorney so that the agreement can be meticulously planned. Unless there are drastic shifts, such as a decision to move out of state with a child, there is little risk you will have to file court motions years from now. Ensure that all required supplementary forms are attached to your original documents or have your attorney do so.

Learn More About Online Divorces

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