Man who got a divorce that is struggling at work

5 Tips to Not Let Divorce Affect Your Productivity at Work

There are many positive outcomes that can come from getting divorced. However, divorce can have an emotional toll, even when we are aware of its benefits. 

Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to control the emotional impact that divorce can have on us. Moreover, this rollercoaster of emotions can also impact our productivity at work. 

It is okay not to be okay, and work isn’t all that matters in life. However, we understand that the last thing you want after a divorce is to struggle at work. To help with this transition, here are some tips to prevent divorce from affecting your professional life:

#1 Notify Your Boss

When going through a divorce, it is normal to want as much privacy as possible. However, since a divorce can impact your performance at work, it is best to notify your boss. By doing so, your boss will be able to determine what is the best way to help you stay productive. 

Also, if you have a coworker that heavily relies on you, it may be wise to notify them too. 

When talking to your boss or colleagues about your divorce, we recommend keeping it short. In other words, you don’t need to share details of what went wrong. If possible, we recommend having this conversation face-to-face.

#2 Take Some Time Off

Divorce is a big change, and after going through it, the last thing you want is more change. For example, you may want to keep your workweek routine as normal as possible. But if you start noticing that divorce is affecting your professional life, then you may need to take a break. 

We understand that you don’t want to spend your whole vacation days grieving for divorce. Therefore, we recommend, if possible, taking only a couple days off. During these days, it may also help to practice self-care. For example, you can exercise, meditate, and even meet with friends.

#3 Limit Divorce-Related Communications

With all the technological advances, we are a message away to find out about any kind of news. Whether it is your former partner or your lawyer, divorce-related communications can be a distraction. 

It is crucial to address divorce-related issues. However, it is also necessary to delegate a time and place to manage them. After all, the last thing you want is to get a notification while being in a meeting with a client. 

#4 Get a Support System

A divorce transition can be difficult, but it is important to remember that you are not alone. In fact, isolating yourself while going through a divorce can be detrimental. Therefore, reaching out to people you trust can make a big difference in the process. 

A support group is more than people willing to lend a listening ear; it is people who can help you overall. For example, you can ask them to take small tasks off your plate while adapting to this new change.

#5 Try a New Challenge 

To get our minds off stressful situations, rather than taking a break, we may need a new challenge. By doing so, we are preventing ourselves from entirely focusing on divorce. Also, learning new things and focusing on self-improvement can be pretty rewarding.

You can try a new professional challenge, such as enrolling in a course or even doing a masters. Or you can set new workout goals or improve your cooking skills. 

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