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Time Sharing vs. Custody: Is There a Difference?

In the state of Florida, the term “custody” has been replaced by the concept known as time sharing.  However, many attorneys still use the terms interchangeably. Regardless of which terminology is used, child custody is the most contested issue in a divorce.

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Post Dissolution: When You Need a Lawyer

Life after divorce often presents recently divorced couples with unexpected changes.  Situations such as a different job, changes in income, or a different schedule can make it difficult to adhere to the judge’s ruling.  

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Finding a Divorce Attorney in Palm Harbor: What You Need To Know

Think about it; you arrive home one evening and boom, “I want a divorce!” That hits you hard. Seconds later, it dawns on you that your significant other is leaving. There’s no turning back. They no longer see you like that amazing person they once couldn’t live without. Maybe they feel they’re too good for you. Maybe it was your …