Child Custody Issues

Just like many other legal agreements, child custody agreements can be adjusted if there are child custody issues. Both sides can request an adjustment to the contract in most cases. The person that pays into child support can request a change such as lowering the child support contribution. The person living with the child can also request an increase in the amount being received based on a change in the child’s needs. Also, the lawyer representing the individual living with the child can take legal action to get the individual to pay their child support. The state of Florida has some unique laws that can impact child custody issues. Here are a few of these laws.

Florida has its own set of Child Support Guidelines

According to a bill passed in Florida’s Senate, the state oversees the circumstances for declaring child support, the days that the payment must be made by, and details the process for the declaration. The qualified lawyers at the Law Office of Paul H. Bowen are familiar with this bill and its implications on your specific case. To view the whole law, visit the Florida Senate website.

Florida has its own Child Support Enforcement Program

According to Florida Legislature’s Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability, the goal of the child support enforcement is to ensure that the child support laws are being used to ensure that the child receives financial support. Depending on the county that you live in, you may have different services that are available to you. For example, the State’s Attorney’s Office provides resources to those in Miami Dade county. The County Clerk of Court offers resources and services for those in Manatee County. Also, the Department of Revenue provides services and resources to residents in over sixty counties. A qualified lawyer at the Law Office of Paul Bowen will help you figure out what services are available to you.

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