sad couple considering to have a divorce

5 Signs It is Time to File for Divorce

According to a 2015 case study, about 50% of couples have considered getting a divorce. Therefore, if filing for divorce has been on your mind, please know that you are not alone. 

It is important to say that only you and your partner can determine if divorce is best for your family. At last, each relationship is unique and comes with its own perks and challenges. However, there are some warning signs of divorce that may indicate it is time to move on, such as:

#1 You or Your Partner Are No Longer Putting the Work Into the Relationship

Relationships are about doing the work and meeting your spouse halfway. In other words, a marriage is a team effort. It is impossible to succeed in a marriage if only one spouse is putting the effort to make things work.

Such lack of willingness can affect daily conversations and big decisions. As a result, you may feel that something is missing and even find yourself considering getting a divorce.

#2 You Are Losing Confidence in Yourself

It happens to the most solid couples: one spouse is no longer a priority at all. Unfortunately, this lack of interest can make the other person feel like they don’t matter. Moreover, this can cause a lack of self-confidence. 

Another reason why you may be losing confidence due to your marriage is if your spouse devalues you. Unfortunately, this lack of confidence can reflect in your work, friendships, and family relationships. If this is your case, a divorce may be necessary to restore your confidence and preserve your mental health. 

#3 You Barely Spend Time With Each Other

Are you or your spouse no longer present in your relationship? By being present we mean spending face-to-face time talking to each other. By all means, it is useless to spend time with your spouse if you or they are scrolling through social media all the time. In other words, we can be in the room with a person and still manage not to be fully present. 

Not being present can severely affect the communication in the relationship. Also, it is a passive-aggressive way of showing a lack of interest in the marriage. 

#4 You Don’t Argue Anymore

One of the most common signs you need a divorce is when you never argue with your spouse. We understand this factor may sound strange, so allow us to elaborate:

First, it is essential to acknowledge that not all arguments are beneficial. However, arguments can be valuable lessons that enable couples to understand each other. Most importantly, without arguments, couples would not be able to resolve their issues. Therefore, a lack of arguments with your spouse can actually jeopardize your marriage. Furthermore, not arguing with your spouse is a sign you are detaching from your marriage and that you are ready to move on.

#5 It Is All About Winning

Arguments can benefit a relationship. However, the key to having a productive argument lies in empathy. Meaning, if winning is all that matters when arguing, it is a sign you need a divorce. It is important to remember that the goal of these arguments is to improve the relationship. When arguing, the focus should not be on winning but on understanding each other. 

If you or your spouse are in this winning mindset, it is a sign of selfishness and apathy in the marriage. 

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