Enforcement & Modification INFO:

Florida family law recognizes that circumstances change. The arrangements for child support or alimony set forth in a court order or property settlement agreement might need modification. The law also recognizes that the enforcing a divorce settlement agreement can occur because of support obligations or other provisions might require judicial intervention.

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Modification of any continuing obligation can be ordered by a court if you can show that a material change in circumstances has occurred. As your attorney, my first job will be to advise you whether the change in your situation is likely to be substantial enough to justify seeking an order for modification.

Assuming that the changed circumstances represent a big difference in one party’s needs or the other party’s ability to pay, we’ll go right to work gathering and organizing the evidence that you will need to present in court.

We can help you with enforcing a divorce settlement agreement or modifying, based on changes of circumstance.

Why may Someone Want a Child Support Modification?

Everyone’s situation and financial earnings are different and can change overtime. As a result of these changes there are certain protections that can be provided. Someone may want child support modification to accommodate their child’s changing needs or due to a change in their income. Even if both individuals agree on a change in the adjustment, it is still vital and necessary to get this change approved by the court. The adjustment will take place in the same court that you applied for child support in. There are many signs that you should contact a lawyer for a child support modification. The earlier that you notify a lawyer about a change or a possible change in income, the earlier that lawyer can get to work and analyze your situation.

If you are raising the child and the child develops a severe medical condition that requires expensive treatments. This could be a sign that you will need an increase the child support contribution. If the cost of the child’s daycare program goes up, you can request for an increase in the amount contributed towards child support. There are many more examples that could be given. The important thing is to be constantly aware of any changes in your child’s financial needs, either now or possibly in the future.

If you are contributing to child support payments and suddenly lose your job, this could be a sign that you need to decrease your child support contribution amount. Some courts even allow a temporary hold on child support until the individual gets back on their feet. If you are renting an apartment and suddenly your landlord informs you that the price of your rent is increasing, you may be able to request a decrease in your child support payments. It may be hard to foresee changes in your income, but the important thing is that you notice them when they are there and pass this information on to your lawyer.

Whether you are enforcing a divorce settlement agreement or need modification, we can help. Contact our offices today.

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