Marriages end for a variety of reasons. A marital dissolution or separation can be an emotionally traumatic time for the parties involved. In other cases, a divorce signals the long awaited end of a trying situation. Whatever the reason for your divorce, you must consider complicated issues before obtaining a final divorce decree.

At the Law Office of Paul H. Bowen, P.A. located in Palm Harbor, Florida, we have guided people through these difficult decisions for over 20 years. Often the decisions facing you during a divorce seem overwhelming. One of the jobs of a divorce attorney is to explain all the things that need to be considered during a divorce.
Whenever possible, it is important for you and your spouse to sit down and reach an amicable agreement concerning the major issues in a divorce. This not only expedites the divorce process, it also reduces the emotional strain involved with litigating these issues. We understand that the court needs to make some of these decisions. We will work to protect your rights.

Paul H. Bowen, P.A. is a divorce lawyer who will guide you through the entire divorce process.

Dissolution of Marriage in Palm Harbor, FL