Equitable distribution involves the allocation of assets and debts held by the parties, either individually or jointly, at the time of separation or divorce.

Paul H. Bowen, P.A., has extensive experience as a divorce attorney identifying and assessing which marital property, assets and debts must be included in the final marital distribution.

If you are facing a divorce or legal separation, trust our law office to represent your interests. Paul H. Bowen, P.A., has over 20 years of legal experience and is committed to keeping abreast of the laws related to equitable distribution of marital property.

At our law office, each case is handled on an individual basis. We will develop an equitable distribution agreement that is specifically tailored to your unique circumstances.

At the Law Office of Paul H. Bowen, P.A. we will perform a thorough assessment of all property, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, securities and investments and will request production of all documents related to each asset. The law office of Paul H. Bowne, P. A. will perform a valuation of retirement and pension accounts, in the future, at the date of separation, and on the date of the final decree. Certain pensions require Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QUADRO’s), working with pension providers and actuaries.

We will also complete an income and expense statement or Financial Affidavit and perform a thorough inventory and appraisal of all marital assets and marital debt. We work with a network of accountants and other individuals who have experience in evaluating unique assets and debts, including valuation of family businesses and business partnerships.

Paul H. Bowen, P.A. is highly regarded in the legal community for our quality service, zealous advocacy and continuing support to each and every client.