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When Should I Request a Child Support Modification?

Regardless of the reason for paying child support, it is crucial that you inform the court of any change in your financial status. Life happens. Your economic circumstances can change at any moment, leaving you in a tight position to make some serious life decisions. Instead of battling the storm yourself, there are resources available to assist you.

Whether you are thinking about requesting a child support modification or are thinking about entering into a child support agreement, it is best to do your homework on the topic. This article will explore what child support is, what is child support modification, when you should request for a child support modification, and how you go about making such a request.

What is Child Support?

The official definition of child support is a payment that a noncustodial parent makes as a contribution to the costs of raising her or his child. If parents decide to divorce or if a couple breaks up there can be an arrangement made through the courts as a safeguard for the child’s financial upbringing. Raising a child costs a lot of money, and when parents or couples stop living together, it can be harder to raise a child if there is a loss of income due to the split. Courts are typically in favor of the child in these types of agreements.

What is Child Support Modification?

A child support modification occurs when the amount that an individual pays in child support is either increased or decreased for reasons such as a loss of income or a change in the child’s financial needs. Child support laws vary from state to state in regards to how much of your paycheck has to go towards child support. The parameters of the child support agreement are reworked to accommodate the financial needs of both parties. If someone stops paying their child support, it could result in a fine or some cases jail time.

When should I Request a Child Support Modification?

You should consider requesting a child support modification if you are changing jobs, incur a loss in income, get laid off, or any other financial reason that impacts your ability to pay child support. It is your responsibility to inform the courts and request for a child support modification as soon as you are aware of a change in your income.

How do I Request a Child Support Modification?

State Courts handle child support modification requests. The modification process can vary from state to state. The court that issued the original child support order is the same court that you must file the child support modification with. If the two parties reach an agreement on their own, it is best to get it in writing and approved by the judge.

As with any legal matter, it is essential to have a qualified attorney guide you through the process. If you are in the Palm Harbor, Florida area the Law Office of Paul H. Bowen, P.A has seasoned family law attorneys ready to assist you through this process. You can visit the Law Office of Paul H. Bowen website or contact the office by phone at (727) 773-1554. These types of situations are time sensitive, and it’s best to be on the safe side and at least have a conversation with an attorney to find out your options.