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Tips For Handling Joint Custody Amicably

A joint custody arrangement following a divorce can be a lot for everyone to get used to. The best thing is to make the transition as easy as possible for the child or children. That is understandably easier said than done in most cases. However, there are some things that divorced parents can do to ensure they handle their joint custody agreement amicably. 

How to Make Joint Custody Work For Everyone 

Creating a peaceful plan for raising your child after your divorce will not be easy, but it will be the best thing you both can do for your child’s future. To help you get started, here are a few useful tips on what you can work on to help make the transition to joint legal custody easier. 

Don’t Speak Ill of Your Ex In Front of Your Child 

This is one of the most common forms of advice you will receive from family rights experts, including those who have been through divorce themselves. What you say about your ex is what your child will react to. While you may still have disagreements with them, it is best to keep your comments and opinions to yourself. 

Joint Custody is Not For Your Benefit 

While the divorce process may have been all about you and your former spouse, the custody is about the kids and should be treated as such. Remember that the time you spend with your child isn’t a prize that you have to win, instead, it should be viewed as a gift to cherish. Custody is not about getting everything that you want but instead about what is best for the child. 

Be Realistic with Your Commitments and Scheduling

Many times parents who are involved in a joint custody situation will make unrealistic commitments because they are feeling insecure about the amount of time they get with their child. Do not overwhelm yourself if you are unable to take your child every weekend. Remove the emotions from the situations and look at the facts involved with your schedule. Arranging a time to be with your children when you can actually be there with them will be much better than taking them for the weekend and hiring a sitter. 

Find a Reasonable and Agreeable Way to Communicate 

In order for joint custody to work well, both parents must communicate with one another and leave the lines of communication open. But you will also need to set some boundaries so that you aren’t constantly getting calls from your ex. 

Thanks to advancements in technology, there are now many different ways to stay connected without a lot of interaction. Texting or using messaging apps is a great way to send a message at any time and the other parent can respond on their own schedule. There are also special apps designed for shared or joint custody that can make the process much simpler. 

Factors to Consider When Creating a Customized Custody Arrangement 

There are several factors that you will need to take into consideration when coming up with the best possible custody arrangement for your children. 

Some of the factors to consider include: 

  • The age and personalities of the children
  • Your family’s schedule
  • The social and career commitments for each parent
  • The extracurricular activities for each child 
  • The academic activities for each child
  • Any child-care arrangements before or after work
  • The distance between the parent’s homes

Where to Find a Family Law Attorney Near Me? 

If you are considering a joint custody agreement following your divorce, you need to get in touch with a reliable family law attorney who can help. The Law Offices of Paul Bowen are here to provide you with assistance and address any concerns you may have about the future custody situation for your child. Get in touch with our team today for more details.