Steps to Take When Preparing for Divorce

Enduring a divorce or legal separation is a difficult experience for any couple, regardless of what their reason for separating may be. But if you can take the necessary steps to prepare yourself for the uncertainty that lies ahead, the situation will turn out much better for everyone involved. 

Knowing what steps to take upfront will make the divorce process more fair and peaceful. While all steps and tips may not be suitable for all couples, there are a few that could be useful in any situation. Here are a few steps that may be helpful to you during this troubling time. 

Gather Your Financial Information 

During your marriage, you and your spouse created financial accounts together and probably shared the responsibility of paying these accounts off. Now it is time to determine which accounts will now be your responsibility and which are theirs. 

It’s important to sit down and determine what you owe. The easiest way to do this is to get a copy of your credit report. This will list all the debts that you currently owe. Some debts such as student loans or car payments are easier to figure out. While others such as bank loans or credit cards in both names are more difficult. 

Establish Your Own Credit and Close all Joint Accounts 

If you currently do not have a credit card or bank account in your name, now is the time to get started with one. If you only helped your spouse with the payments on your shared credit cards over the years, and never had one in your name, you may be surprised when you are turned down for a loan once the divorce is finalized. 

Another important financial tip that can help you prepare for your upcoming divorce is to close all joint accounts as soon as possible. This will help ensure that your money remains in your own account and doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. 

Choose the Divorce Option that Involved the Least Amount of Stress 

When it comes to divorce, most couples have several options to choose from. You may litigate and take the divorce to court, or if possible, go with a  simpler case and try to settle things on your own. You can choose to mediate your divorce, which doesn’t involve a lot of assistance from other outside sources or have multiple people intervene for support. While the same option may not work well for every couple, there are many different ways to get your divorce finalized that doesn’t involve a lot of stress and hassle. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help and Support 

No matter how isolated and alone you may feel at this time, remember that there is help available. There are multiple sources of support out there that can help you learn how to deal with all the feelings you are experiencing and guide you along the process at the same time. When you take control of your emotions, it will be much easier for you to prepare yourself for your divorce and approach the situation with a calm attitude. 

Find the Right Divorce Lawyer 

If you have questions or concerns about legal separation or filing for divorce, get in touch with a divorce lawyer at The Law Offices of Paul Bowen for more information. Our team has decades of experience helping the residents of Palm Harbor, FL, and the surrounding areas with their legal needs.