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Post Dissolution: When You Need a Lawyer

Life after divorce often presents recently divorced couples with unexpected changes.  Situations such as a different job, changes in income, or a different schedule can make it difficult to adhere to the judge’s ruling.  


In many cases, these changes are significant, requiring post dissolution modifications.  Most modifications are a simple process, especially when both parties are in agreement about the terms.  However, if the changes involve the welfare of children, things become more complex. To ensure the best outcome in these situations, it’s best to enlist the services of a reputable lawyer.

Is There a Difference Between Dissolution of Marriage and Divorce?


The terms are often used interchangeably, causing some confusion for many people.  Basically, the term dissolution of marriage is a modern, more temperate term for divorce.


  • Divorce is defined as “the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body.”
  • Dissolution of Marriage is defined as “a term for divorce that is symbolic of a non-confrontational, no-fault approach to terminating a marriage.”


In the state of Florida, the term “dissolution of marriage”  is used when referring to divorce. In either case, the outcome is the same – a marriage is terminated.


The state of Florida also offers two types of dissolution, a simplified dissolution, and a regular dissolution.  In the simplified version, both spouses agree to an uncontested resolution. In the regular dissolution, the spouses are unwilling or unable to cooperate, resulting in a longer and more complicated process.

Reasons for Post Dissolution Modifications


If you are considering filing a modification, an attorney can help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of taking this approach.  In some cases, the modification process can be costly, depending on the extent of action required. You and your ex-partner can decide to amicably resolve the matter without allowing it to escalate to the point that drastic action is necessary.  An amicable resolution always saves time and money.


Some of the reasons why you need a post dissolution modification could include:


  • You believe your child/children are in danger or are being neglected and harmed.
  • Visitation times are too limiting, and you wish to increase the time.
  • Your spouse is withholding visitation (time-sharing)
  • Child support payments are often late or not being paid at all.
  • If you are the person paying child support, you may need to request a reduction in the amount due to changes in your financial situation.


When spouses decide to modify the terms of their divorce papers, filing a Supplemental Petition for Modification may be necessary.  To justify a modification, the party seeking the change must show that there have been substantial changes that were involuntary, unanticipated, and permanent.  These changes must also reflect that the current plan is not in the best interest of minor children.

Why You Should Contact the Law Office of Paul H. Bowen, P.A.


Once a divorce is over, both parties want to get on with their lives and never have to go to court again.  But, some people find it necessary to seek modifications to their dissolution and,

unfortunately, this action can put them back in the courtroom.


At The Law Office of Paul H. Bowen, P.A., we realize that any process that involves legal proceedings can be traumatic. The terminology and paperwork and rules can be overwhelming.  For these reasons and more, you need a lawyer that has years of expertise and a solid reputation.

Attorney Paul H. Bowen has over 30 years of experience helping clients resolve their legal problems.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help with your post dissolution process or any other legal issues you may be facing.