Full child custody

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Full Child Custody

Filing for divorce can cause a lot of stress for men seeking custody of their children. Dads can take steps to improve their chances of getting full child custody. Historically, the courts assumed that the children’s best interests were with the mom, but there is no law favoring mothers. In recent years, many courts have sided with the dad when he can best provide stability. Here are some factors that may affect custody.

Your Work Schedule

While you probably need to work full time to provide for your children, you might consider altering your schedule to allow for daycare or school, depending on the child’s age. If your current work schedule doesn’t work with drop off and pick up or provide flexibility in case of an emergency, talk to your employer about adjusting your schedule. Changing your work schedule shows that you prioritize your child.

The Relationship with Your Child

The relationship you have with your child will play a vital role in receiving full custody. If you spent a lot of time with your child during the marriage, then the judge could envision you spending time with them after the divorce. Go beyond daily dinners: take them to the movies or coach their sports team. Taking an active role in your child’s life may improve your chances of winning full custody. 

Be Cooperative 

When dealing with your ex, show flexibility with her schedule and be respectful when proceeding with children. Make reasonable accommodations, be calm, don’t argue, and come to an agreement on your own.

Great Environment

When filing for full custody, it is essential to create a stable environment for your child. Crucial elements include not moving from home to home, providing healthy and nutritious meals, maintaining a safe and clean house, and keeping a job. You must have funds to care for your child readily available and provide active health coverage for your child. Both parents can also discuss health care during child support proceedings. Showing these attributes can make it easier to gain full custody. 

Be Dependable

When contesting for full custody, it is essential to look dependable. Be on time for pick-up and drop-off, be on time for any time with your child, and be reliable. Punctuality shows the judge that you prioritize your child.

Parenting Skills 

When seeking full custody, you must maintain being a parent and not a friend to your child. For example, take an active role in helping with homework or school projects. Exercise appropriate discipline when needed. Connect with your child on an emotional level and be a role model.

Be Calm

While separation and divorce can be filled with emotion and stress, it is important to stay calm when it comes to the custody proceedings. The judge will take notice if they see you act violently or negatively against the mother. Staying calm is crucial inside the courtroom and in personal interactions with the mother. In some cases, your actions can be used as evidence in a court of law. 

Filing for full custody can be confusing and emotional. Contact the Law Office of Paul Bowen for help.