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Finding a Divorce Attorney in Palm Harbor: What You Need To Know

Think about it; you arrive home one evening and boom, “I want a divorce!” That hits you hard. Seconds later, it dawns on you that your significant other is leaving. There’s no turning back. They no longer see you like that amazing person they once couldn’t live without. Maybe they feel they’re too good for you. Maybe it was your fault. Maybe they… you really don’t know. It hurts — a lot. But it’s happened. Now, it’s time to act. Finding a divorce attorney is the next natural step to take. If this sounds like your situation, relax! You’re not alone on this. 12% of people in Palm Harbor, Florida, are divorced already. Here’s what you need to know about finding a divorce attorney in Palm Harbor.  

Have a Clear Roadmap

The initial step in finding a good divorce attorney in Palm Harbor is knowing what you want. You need first to understand that the sole purpose of divorce is resolving issues like asset division, child custody, division of debts and alimony. Then, identify what assets and parental rights you’re willing to forfeit and what you’re not. More importantly, know what legal advice you want from a lawyer. Doing this will help you get off on the right foot with your attorney.

Get a Specialist, Not a Generalist

Anyone can find and hire an attorney. All you need to do is turn on Google and search for “the best divorce attorney near me.” But, not all family law attornies are a good fit. You need an experienced specialist, not a generalist. The latter won’t do you much good. You need to find a seasoned expert who has successfully handled cases similar to yours. You want someone who thoroughly understands family law; someone who knows how to guide you through every step of the way. Finding the best person is a surefire way to get peace of mind when dealing with countless issues that occur in a divorce.

Review Several Potential Divorce Attorneys

When looking for a divorce attorney, you ought not to hire the first lawyer you meet. Instead, look at a few law firms and pick two or three names. Read reviews online. Research your selected divorce attorneys. Most law offices offer on their websites information about the individuals who work for them. Know the law school they attended. Learn how long they’ve been practicing family law. Generally, the longer, the better. Know what area of family law each candidate specializes in. Also, call each candidate and interview them. Learn about each person’s trial record. How successful has the person been in court? What kind of clients do they serve? Also, know their rates.

Ask Questions

Additionally, ask them whether resources such as financial experts, forensic appraisers, and parenting coordinators may be relevant to your case.  If yes, how do they impact your bill? One more thing: ask to talk to or meet the particular person who’ll handle your case. Choose a person who’s knowledgeable, respectful, and who promptly answers your questions. If a lawyer guarantees the outcome, run! You probably have a dud of an attorney. There’s no certainty in this process.  The right person will help you make the process less expensive – save you money that you’d otherwise waste hopping from one lawyer to another trying to find the best fit.

Where Can I Find The Best Divorce Attorney Near Me?

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