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Do I Need a Civil Litigation Lawyer?

You may try your best to reason with difficult people, to meet them at the halfway point. You’ve tried talking, but they don’t want to listen. You’ve been attempting to negotiate, but they’re not interested. You’ve even tried to be nice, despite their impoliteness. Small problems can escalate to the point where you may need to resolve an issue in court. There’s a common saying that many people use to justify taking precautions, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The same applies to legal matters. Litigation is complex, and you need professional guidance and judgment. If you are feeling sick, you consult a doctor and take their advice to get better. You wouldn’t go to the store and buy medical books, to diagnose yourself. The same applies to law. Lawyers are experts in what paperwork is required, how to present your case in court, and they’ll also analyze the likelihood that you will win your case. Here are some common questions and concerns when it comes to hiring a civil litigation lawyer.

Signs that you absolutely need a Civil Litigation Lawyer

There isn’t going to be a sign with flashing lights that will alert you of legal danger. You need to be proactive and see these signs yourself. A significant sign that you need a civil litigation lawyer is that you are thinking about the possibility of suing somebody.

If you can for-see something escalating with someone that you do business with, you should partner with a civil litigation lawyer. The early you approach a civil litigation lawyer, the earlier that lawyer can apply tactics and fill out paperwork to increase the likelihood that you’ll win your case.

Cost of Civil Litigation

Many different factors affect the cost of civil litigation. What makes up the typical bill is the cost of filing the paperwork, the fees that your lawyer charges, and the cost of your time. Some people forget to factor in the time spent working on this case means that they need to take time away from other activities in life such as work or family. Your civil litigation lawyer will have a rough estimate of how much your unique case will cost. Some civil litigation lawyers will set up a contingency, meaning you won’t have to cough up any money upfront, but instead, the civil litigation lawyer will take a cut from your earnings if you win the case.  

How Long is the Civil Litigation Process

There’s no way to predict exactly how your case will play out in the courtroom. Your civil litigation lawyer will have a pretty good guess as to how long the legal process will take. In addition to the actual courtroom process, there is usually a lengthy preparation process. During this time you will meet with your lawyer and discuss the details of the case, prepare evidence and your testimony if you have one. Just like studying for an exam. The amount of time that you spend preparing for a case can help you improve your performance in the courtroom. If a case is complex you’ll have more preparation to do and numerous scenarios to prepare for. At any point, you can settle outside of court, drop the suit altogether, or appeal the decision.

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