dissolution of marriage

Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage?

When people get married, there is no doubt in their minds that it will last. Marriage often seems like a dream come true, but it doesn’t always remain that way. Divorce may seem like a rampant problem, but the causes of divorce tend to stay the same. Some of the top reasons that people seek divorce or dissolution of marriage are as follows:


Infidelity is, and always has been, one of the leading causes of divorce. Whether it be anger or resentment, personal differences (like differences in sexuality and sexual needs), or the feeling that emotional intimacy is lacking, affairs outside of the marriage tend to lead to disaster. It is hard for most people to repair or recover after the pains of infidelity.

Lack of Communication

A successful marriage requires communication, grace, and understanding. Sometimes the ‘fight’ for good things in life requires listening and practicing grace and empathy. The inability to effectively communicate with one another can lead to misunderstandings, anger, and resentment. Stubbornness on these fronts can destroy a marriage quickly. 

Financial Stress

Multiple studies have shown that the final straw that often leads to a divorce is financial stress or resentment held for the other partner’s financial mistakes. The world in which we live is an expensive one. In the area of fiscal health, it is imperative that trust and grace are practiced wholeheartedly.

Arguments and Bickering

The addiction to correcting and ‘winning’ at all costs breaks apart the bonds of marriage quite often. If one or both partners feel the need to be right, or if one or both partners feel more comfortable or ‘normal’ while arguing, the fun and sweet things that keep a marriage alive disintegrate. Believe it or not, the constant argument is among the top reasons for divorce.

Different Kinds of Divorce in Florida

The terms used for different forms of divorce vary from state to state. Florida has two different kinds of divorce. The first is a ‘simplified dissolution of marriage’. The second is a ‘regular dissolution of marriage’. There are several things that must be shown before filing for a divorce. First, both parties must show they are indeed married. Second, both parties must have resided in the state of Florida for at least six months. And last but not least, there must be proof that the marriage is ‘irretrievably broken’. This means nothing can save the marriage. After proving these things, the couple may file for either a ‘simplified’ or ‘regular’ dissolution of marriage. 

Simplified Dissolution of Marriage

In the instance of a simplified dissolution of marriage in the state of Florida, the couple seeking divorce would petition the court for a simple divorce without the help of a lawyer. There are four requirements for this kind of divorce

  1. There are no minor-aged children resulting from the marriage.
  2. The wife must not be pregnant when the couple files for divorce.
  3. A financial affidavit and a property settlement agreement from both parties.
  4. Both parties must attend the divorce hearing.

Regular Dissolution of Marriage

In this kind of divorce, one of the parties may file for divorce with the clerk of court and have the papers delivered to the respondent spouse. Divorce is complicated; it usually requires a lawyer’s involvement. No matter the situation, it is often advantageous to seek the aid of a professional. This can help to ease the process and expedite the matter to the best extent possible. If you are seeking to file for divorce or need to ask about divorce in the state of Florida, talk to a divorce attorney and see if divorce is the next right thing.