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Contract Litigation and Dispute Resolutions: How It Works

If you find yourself in a business dispute, it’s possible you’ll need to hire a dispute resolution lawyer. You’ve spent a long time working with the other person, and disputes simply aren’t your style, but you’re at your breaking point. When you feel you’ve reached the point where you need to hire an alternative dispute resolution lawyer, you’ll want to review your options. Now it’s always possible to be able to avoid litigation and handle the dispute internally. But sometimes there are truly no other options. Read on to find out more about litigation and how dispute resolutions work.

What is an Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyer?

A dispute resolution lawyer will find an alternative with their clients to settle business-related issues. This is to ensure that everyone walks away with the best possible outcome. There are three different types of dispute resolution procedure. Here are their definitions

  • Define Litigation: this is when a verdict must be reached in court by an officiating judge with the help of a litigator. This process is, unfortunately, the most common. This is similar to most courtroom dramatizations with hearings and testimony. These situations usually end in a settlement.
  • Define Arbitration: this is when an independent arbitrator closes a dispute. The independent arbitrator, in this case, will listen to both sides of the case and render a binding decision. This process costs less money and cannot be appealed.
  • Define Mediation: this is when the interested parties work to close the issue between themselves with the assistance of a mediator. The hope during this process is that the interested parties will be able to resolve the issue without having to step into a courtroom. With no big demands to be met, you’ll be able to close this issue and put it behind you. A mediator can also assist in helping both parties communicate. The goal of mediation is for a neutral third party to help disputants come to a consensus on their own.

Why do you need a Dispute Resolution Lawyer?

The reason you’ll require a lawyer is so that you can be briefed on the law by a professional. If you’re unable to resolve the matter yourself, you’ll need someone to handle all of the necessary legal paperwork. They’ll also provide legal advice pertaining to the situation regarding ways to settle and will even work to communicate with the other interested parties in order to promote an equitable settlement. If for some reason, you need to speak to a court of law, they can speak on your behalf or advise you on how to speak on your own behalf. If there does end up being a verdict, your dispute resolution lawyer can help ensure that particular verdict or settlement is enforced.

Where to Start

The first thing you’ll need to ask yourself is “what are you looking for?” To put it another way, this is a long and difficult procedure. What specifically do you hope will be the end product of this procedure? If at all possible, litigation should be your last resort. If you can’t settle the matter through arbitration or mediation, you’ll need to consider litigation.

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