sad woman worried about getting a divorce while man sits next to her

5 Tips to Manage Your Emotions During Divorce

Even under the most amicable circumstances, divorce is stressful. It involves spending time, money, and negotiation, all for the formal dissolution of a legal and romantic partnership. Whether you are considering getting divorced or are already in the process of doing so, you may be experiencing many emotions. These could include anxiety, anger, and grief. 

A good divorce attorney will ensure your financial interests are protected in the dissolution of your marriage. If you have children, your attorney will negotiate custody arrangements and financial protections as well.

But a huge part of getting through a divorce is managing negative feelings. Here are five tips for doing that.

Consider a Therapist to Help You During and After Divorce

Many mental health professionals have expertise in helping clients through divorce. If you’ve never had therapy before, the idea of sharing all your deepest feelings with a stranger may seem daunting at first. However, the expertise of a trained counselor can be very helpful. It can allow you insight into your own feelings, as well as giving you tools to manage them. And you never have to worry about overburdening a therapist. It is their job to help you.

If you and your soon-to-be-ex have children, you could benefit from seeing a family therapist together. Though your marriage will soon be over, you will need to continue working together as parents. 

Use Your Support Network to Help You Get Through Divorce 

Odds are, people in your life have gone through a divorce. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them for moral support. Being able to speak to trusted confidants who have been through the process and are on the other side will remind you that this will end. 

Even people who haven’t personally gone through a divorce can be there for you. Spend time with friends and family who make you feel cared for and emotionally safe. Use the time that you 

now have away from your spouse to grow and deepen those other relationships. 

Take Care of Your Body 

During stressful periods, it is normal to de-emphasize your physical health. However, caring for your body is a key part of managing your mind. Eat healthfully. Get proper hydration and rest. Let exercise be your stress reliever instead of leaning on alcohol, drugs, or other physically destructive habits. Try taking some time each day to be still; for example, practice yoga or meditation.

Immerse Yourself in a Hobby 

Maybe you had a favorite hobby that fell by the wayside during your marriage. Or maybe there’s a skill or topic you’ve always been interested in but never found the time to cultivate. Either way, now is the time to dive in. Take a class. Read a book. Set up space in your home to paint or build things. Channel all your emotional energy into creativity and passion. 

Protect Yourself From Unhealthy Interactions 

If you share children with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse, you will have to maintain some degree of contact. But that doesn’t mean you need to torture yourself. Unfollow your ex on social media. Agree on what topics require verbal discussion, and handle everything else via text or email. 

If your ex tries to draw you into an unnecessary argument or debate, remove yourself from the situation. You can do this by physically walking away, hanging up the phone, or not replying to an inflammatory text. If you have a personal therapist, he or she can help you practice setting and maintaining healthy emotional boundaries. 

Remember: it is your lawyer’s job to negotiate the terms of your divorce. They know the procedures and nuances far better than you do. That’s why you hired them. So let your lawyer handle the legalese and focus on healing yourself. 

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