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5 Things Couples Should Know Before Filing for Divorce

Most people get married with the idea that their marriage will last a lifetime. However, marriage is a difficult process. Relationships change over time, and so do our life circumstances. When they change for the worse, drastic measures, like divorce, may be necessary.

When one or both spouses feel their current relationship can no longer continue they often consider filing for divorce. However, wanting to get a divorce and going through the process of it can be two very different things. If your marriage is on the rocks, here are some things to know before filing for divorce.

Be Sure You That You Want to Get a Divorce

Like all life-changing decisions, think carefully before you decide to pull the trigger and end the marriage. In many instances, the decision to get a divorce is an emotional one. Resist the urge to quickly push things through just get the divorce over with. Before filing for divorce, make sure you’ve exhausted all attempts at reconciliation. Once your spouse has been served with divorce papers, it may be too late to change your mind. 

Divorce Is Stressful

Even though they do not affect the outcome, emotions play a big part in any divorce proceeding. Filing for divorce can be a sad, depressing ordeal for spouses and their children. It can be even more stressful when negative emotions like anger and resentment are involved.

Think About the Children

It’s important to put the needs of your children ahead of your bad feelings toward your spouse. Children often become emotional victims in a divorce as their parents use them as proxies in their disputes. The divorce will be hard on your children. You and your spouse owe it to your kids to think carefully about how it will impact them. 

Getting Divorced Is Expensive

Weddings are expensive. So is filing for divorce. A good divorce lawyer may charge up to $500 an hour. Even a “quick” divorce can cost up to $15,000. And remember: just because you have an expensive divorce attorney on your side, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to “win” your case. You could be paying for your divorce for years.

Hire an Experienced Divorce Attorney

If, after careful consideration, you’ve decided that divorce is your only option, the next step is to hire an experienced divorce attorney. Your attorney will be there to protect your rights and interests during the proceedings. Also, an attorney should help you avoid costly mistakes when it comes to child support and dividing property, and minimizing any legal delays.

Your attorney can also suggest alternatives to divorce. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to obtain a legal separation (if there are no children), divorce mediation, or annulment. Annulments are usually only granted in extreme circumstances, such as when one spouse was underage at the time of the marriage or guilty of bigamy.

Palm Harbor Divorce Attorney

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