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5 Key Factors That Influence Child Custody Arrangements

Courts typically look at standard issues when it comes to child custody cases. Whether you are fighting for shared custody or full custody, having a reputable lawyer on your side is invaluable. You might not be able to change what has happened in the past. Nevertheless, you can strengthen your case by being willing to compromise and putting the best interests of the child first. These key factors influence child custody cases and are important to remember.

Relationships Among Children and Parents

Your child custody lawyer knows the courts place a lot of emphasis on the relationships kids have with their parents when awarding child custody. If one parent was uninvolved in a child’s life, they will most likely not receive custody and will have to pay child support. Determining the strength of relationships is obvious in some cases. However, in other situations, professional social workers must get involved to make the right decision in the child’s best interests.

Physical and Mental Health of All Parties Involved

The courts have to look at the physical and mental health of parents and children to determine whether there are any issues to be concerned about. If a parent has a physical or mental disability that prevents them from providing proper care for the child on their own, then they likely will not be granted custody. Of course, not every disability makes a parent unable to care for their child, but it is a factor the courts consider.

The Willingness of Each Parent to Compromise

As much as you want full custody of the child and might want to keep them away from your ex-spouse, doing so could hurt your chances of getting full custody. The court may look down on a parent who is unwilling to compromise when working with their ex-spouse. The goal of the courts is to ensure that the child gets to spend enough time with each parent. If you are willing to compromise for the benefit of your children, but your ex-spouse is not, then you can increase your chances of gaining full child custody.

Living Arrangements Influence Child Custody

Living arrangements can include how safe a particular neighborhood is, whether the parent can provide a comfortable space for the children, and how much the parent cares for the space. Children also should be near their school, playgrounds, other family members, and other factors that help them develop a routine. If the courts do not believe your living situation is ideal for your child, then the chances of earning full custody diminish quickly.

Who Has Provided The Majority of Care

When it comes to providing care to children, the courts consider everything. They consider how parents are educating, feeding, and providing financial care to their children. However, being the majority or sole provider financially doesn’t carry as much weight as you may think when it comes to child custody. Financial support can be taken care of through child support payments. The courts want to know which parent has been most involved in the child’s life. The household dynamic is taken into consideration as well, in the event one parent works and the other one doesn’t.

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