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5 Domestic Violence Warning Signs You Should be Aware of

Domestic violence can be obvious in some cases, but sometimes, it can be harder to spot. Sometimes, it can even be hard to differentiate the warning signs of domestic violence as a victim. It is important to familiarize yourself with the warning signs of domestic violence in order to protect yourself or your loved ones from domestic violence. Let’s have a look at five warning signs associated with domestic violence:

Physical Abuse

One of the most obvious signs of domestic violence is evidence of physical abuse. One of the key things to look for in a victim is a pattern of a specific injury. ‘One-off’ instances do not always mean domestic violence, but repeated injuries such as black eyes or similarly placed broken bones can be a tell-tale sign.

Sexual Abuse

If there is a pattern of domestic violence, it is common for the aggressor to be sexually abusive as well. Sexual abuse can be a little more difficult to see from an outside perspective. It does not always involve rape or physical abuse and can take many forms. It is important to listen for verbal or conversational cues from the victim. A good note to remember is that if it feels ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’, it probably is. If you are uncomfortable with the way someone treats you and you have made it clear that you feel so, repeated failure to respect your boundaries should be addressed.

‘Cutting-Off’ and Ownership

A good indicator of domestic violence or abuse can be the abuser’s habit of trying to keep the victim to his or herself. This can be apparent in social and family situations. An abuser will often try to keep the victim away from his or her loved ones in an effort to maintain control and a sense of ownership. This can also be seen when the abuser will try to dominate conversations and keep the attention from the victim. They also may be rude or outwardly, verbally, aggressive in social situations. All of this is used to keep the victim in a place of submission while reducing the opportunities that the victim may have to drop subtle clues about his or her danger.


Although it might be harder to spot as an observer, some early signs of potential domestic violence are threats. A victim of domestic violence will often receive threats from the abuser long before any instances actually occur. An abuser will often continue to make threats throughout the length of the relationship. If a victim is being threatened in public or in social scenarios, it can mean that the abuser has already hurt the victim in some way.

Financial Control

Another sign is complete control over finances. An abuser will often try to keep his or her victim from having any money or any way of buying things. This is to maintain control and to make sure that the victim feels ‘small’ and powerless. This also serves as a means for the abuser to keep tabs on his or her victim. Without the ability to purchase anything, the victim will have a harder time escaping by means of travel. It would also be harder for the victim to purchase any means of self-defense.

What is the Best Way to Address Domestic Violence?

A divorce lawyer is a great person to have on your team. If you are a victim of domestic violence, one of the best ways to escape is to take legal action to remove yourself from the situation. Filing a domestic violence injunction is another good course of action. Click here to learn more about domestic violence and the legal action that you can take today.