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3 Tips to Hiring a Good Divorce Attorney

The outcome of divorce greatly depends on the attorney’s experience, areas of expertise, and personal values. Given that assets and custody of children are on the line, it is necessary to have a clear notion about the type of divorce attorney that will be able to deliver a resolution that conforms to your expectations and limitations

We recommend the following tips to properly choose a divorce attorney

Understand Your Needs From a Divorce Attorney

To hire a good divorce attorney, you need to know which divorce method is suitable for your case and what are your goals. Here is why: 

Choosing a Divorce Method 

The divorce method determines the development of each divorce case from start to end. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you need to choose between one of the following methods:

  • Mediation
  • Litigation
  • Collaborative or Cooperative Divorce

Basically, for a successful case you need to hire a divorce lawyer accordingly to the divorce method of your choice. We recommend to reach to a law firm, that counts with attorneys experienced on each method, to provide you with a mindful consultation about which method should you proceed with. 

Matching Your Goals With The Right Lawyer

The goals define the complexity of the divorce case, and hence the kind of experience that you will need from a divorce lawyer. For example, wealthy people with a high number of assets tend to go through complex divorce procedures. This is because the lawyers need to have extensive financial experience to conduct a successful case. On another view, there are people whose goals, rather economically focused, are motivated by children’s custody or by having a quick divorce process; these tend to be less complicated cases. 

Properly Interviewing a Divorce Attorney

At this point, you are probably wondering things like How do I find the best divorce attorney near me? How do I proceed? 

Firstly, avoid hiring the first lawyer that you meet. Before making any decision we recommend you interview from 2 to 4 lawyers. As exhausting as the interviewing process can be, consider that choosing the right lawyer will define your future. Look for a different perspective on each lawyer, see if they match your values if they have the best interest and if they are competent enough to handle your case.

Tips to Interview a Divorce Attorney 

Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment when interviewing a divorce lawyer. To prevent this, bring a list of questions to help you make the best decision. Consider the following: 

  • What is your experience with family law? 
  • How many cases have you handled? 
  • In which divorce method do you have more experience? 
  • Do your matrimonial cases often go to trial? (Without trial the divorce process is quicker and it indicates good negotiation skills from a lawyer.)
  • Do you know my spouse or their attorney? 

Figuring Out Your Divorce Budget

Divorces are long procedures that require constant legal services. Before hiring, find an attorney to suit your necessities for a price you can afford in the long run. Ask your lawyer for an estimated budget, if possible ask them to include financial concerns like:

  • Their hourly billing rate
  • The fees for trial
  • A retainer charge
  • Are there any extra fees? (Like printing documents, postal services, court fees, etc.)

At Paul Bowen Law we understand how divorce changes people’s lives. Our highly-qualified lawyers have you and your family member’s best interest in mind. We are here to help.