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3 Family Law Facts That May Surprise You

Family law is a ‘division’ or area of practice in the field of law that deals with family relationships. Some of the common issues dealt with by a family law attorney include divorce, child custody, or adoption. These are only a few of the issues that a family law attorney can help with, as there are many things that deal with the inner workings of a family unit. There are many misconceptions that society holds about those who might seek help from a family law attorney, about the legalities governing the family unit, and about the ‘reality’ of the family altogether. One of the misconceptions that people have about family is that it is supposed to be happy, simple, and easy.

If you are a parent or involved in a family in any way, shape, or form, then you surely know that this is not true. It is also often assumed that people who seek legal help with family matters are selfish or incapable of solving relationship issues. This is very far from true as well. Seeking help in a time of crisis or to help to turn the page and start healthier patterns is a very noble venture. Having family issues is not an inherent sign of brokenness. Let’s take a look at some misconceptions about family law. The facts might surprise you.

Some Misconceptions About Family Law and Their Realities

The Mother Always Wins Custody of The Child

This is not always true. In a custody case, the sole consideration is which is best for the child. The stability and safety of the child comes first. The primary caregiver is the parent that most often gets custody of the child. Whichever of the parents proves to be the most stable caregiver is seen as most fit to be granted custody.

The Age of The Child is a Consideration in a Custody Case

This is also not necessarily true. The age of the child does not matter in terms of which parent he or she will live with, however, as the child becomes older, his or her preference becomes a larger consideration.

Younger Couples Get Divorced More Often Than Older Couples

It is actually the opposite of true. In reality, it is more often than couples in which each partner is 50 years old or older get divorced. This is probably because of the increase in the number of late marriages. 

Family law is a large encompassment of matters that can be of great importance to individuals and their loved ones. From issues of divorce and custody to mitigation and the dispersal of assets after the loss of a loved one, finding a family law attorney can help to accomplish some of the most stressful and overwhelming tasks involved in troubleshooting family problems and dealing with life after a loss.

Don’t forget that these trials are a part of the life and journey of a family. These things should not cause embarrassment, dread, or insecurity. If you feel as though you could use some help, whether it be through a divorce, a rough custody disagreement, or another pressing legal matter, a Florida family law attorney can help. A very wise person once said, “Just do the next right thing, and then do it again…”. Sometimes that is all that we can do, and sometimes we need a little help to do the ‘ next right thing’. 

Family law has many misconceptions surrounding it. The best thing to do when you don’t know what to do is to ask someone for a little help.